The Stonehenge Farm Quarry Application

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is this a correct map of the July 2007 floods?

As part of the evidence put forward by Hanson for the Inquiry later this month, Hanson have produced a map of the area showing what they say is the extent of the flooding in July 2007.

You can click on the map to get a larger image. Note that some areas have not been modelled - eg Rack End.

As you can see from the attached map - it is incorrect. We need to provide the inquiry with written evidence from local residents who witnessed flooding in areas not shown in blue on the map, to ensure these are correctly documented. The darker the colour the deeper the flooding, as you can see many areas according to Hanson are recorded as white ie no surface flooding.

If you know of any areas that were inundated, particularly your own property, please could you write to us to confirm this. Please indicate exactly where you are talking about so it can be correctly plotted on the map as evidence. Any photographs backing up your statement would be wonderful, but are by no means essential.

We need to include your letters in our documentation to the Inspector, so could we ask you to write to us as soon as possible.

Please write to Terry Kirkpatrick:
terrykp ATSIGN

This is now even more urgent. OCC wants to lose this Appeal. They are holding a special meeting of the Planning and Regulation Committee on 12 November 2009 at 10:30am, in the hope that they can withdraw their objections.

They want the Committee to agree a new HGV Routeing Agreement that they think will let them withdraw the Lorry Routeing objection.

They hope they will be able to show that the quarry will not increase flood risk. If so they will ask the Committee to withdraw the Flood Risk objection as well.

If that happens, OCC will not oppose the Appeal. That would not mean it's all over. The whole thing will remain in the hands of the Inspector, and the Inquiry will go ahead. But we need your help and your evidence even more than before.

The councillors on the Planning and Regulation Committee are listed on the Agenda. You can write to yours using this link. Please tell them that Stonehenge Farm is the wrong place for a quarry, and that they should uphold the correct decision they took in November 2008.

The Witney Gazette web edition carried a story about our campaign.