The Stonehenge Farm Quarry Application

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Public Inquiry has closed

At about 6:45pm on Friday 2 July 2010 the Public Inquiry finished in a flurry of detail and drafting - planning conditions that will be needed if the Inspector decides to allow the Appeal. This was an unpleasant experience - rather like designing the car park and fire drill arrangements for use at one's own cremation.

But at last we have had our chance to set out our case, and now we await the result. It's hard at this time to say more about that, except to say that we feel confident that the facts will be weighed with scrupulous care.

We can say that whatever the outcome, we were lucky to find our lawyer, Charles Hopkins of EarthRights Solicitors. We've now been working with him intermittently and with sporadic intensity for almost a year, and his understanding, experience and patience have made the best of our local knowledge and strong feelings.

Our initial contact came through the Environmental Law Foundation. Organisations and people like these go some way towards redressing what is, in this kind of case, a frightening imbalance between the weight of money and consultants and the resources of a small community.

Our many thanks go to everyone who has supported us this far, and to those who came to the hearings - it was very encouraging.

But we still need any help you can give, and there will be more fundraising events. The Public Inquiry went on for longer than was originally planned, and so our costs have increased.